Ways to Make Your Home Office Comfortable and Practical

Date Published: 16-08-2018   Published By: OfficeStationery

Ways to make your home office comfortable and practical

Being able to work at home can sometimes be a luxury (that many wish for at 5am when falling out of bed to prepare for the joyous monday in an office) but it can also be a bit tricky to make it a place that is comfortable, practical, and inspiring. To aid you in your SOHO decorating escapades, here is a list of tricks to use to get the most out of your space.


Pick the Right Colours

The colours of the walls don’t really seem to be more than a choice of personal preference at first, but there are specific reasons to use certain colours and shades to fit your space. If your space is quite small and can sometimes feel a bit cramped and uncomfortable, it is best to stick with light colours as they help to open the room out. If you are worried that this may be too plain, you can always jazz it up with some spaced out art as this will add a decorative flare without cluttering the open atmosphere created by the paint. Contrastingly, if your space is quite big and feels too spacious and scarce, use darker and warmer tones to make the room feel more snug and cozy. Although, having all of the walls dark can be a bit overwhelming, so it can work better to do an accent wall or two that are a darker shade than the other walls.

black paint and roller

Ceiling Heights

If you are working in a space that has higher ceilings than average, it is beneficial to pick out taller furniture as this helps to draw your eye upwards and helps to fill out the space more. Tall shelving units are a great option, as well as tall plants, such as a rubber tree, for added decor. If your ceilings are lower, you may want to stick to low standing furniture as it will leave more open wall space to create the appearance of a higher ceiling.

tall shelving unit next to plants


No floor space? No problem!

Storing your items can be a bit more difficult when you have limited floor space to put units and cupboards on. However, think outside the box and go for some decorative wall shelves that come in loads of shapes, sizes, and colours. Or try some new “smart storage” options such as a fold-out desk that has storage space or a bed that has added storage underneath it for you to keep all kinds of things and access whenever you need to. You can keep your space looking neat and tidy and not have to limit yourself on how much you store in there!

box shelves on wall with plantssmall bed with lots of storage

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Ways to Make Your Home Office Comfortable and Practical
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