International Cat Day 2021

Date Published: 02-08-2021   Published By: OfficeStationery

In honour of this Sunday's International Cat Day, we thought we would take this opportunity to have a look through some of the most crazy cat facts we could find. To help us, we would like to introduce you to 2 of our Office Stationery cats-


Missy-Moo-The-Dark-Destroyer -

Missy Garden 1

Moose (who is actually called Goose but only really answers to biscuit shakes) -

Moose Net 1


Now compared to Missy-Moo-The-Dark-Destroyer, Moose-Goose is still relatively young and he hasn’t yet learnt that cats are supposed to sleep all day and do nothing but judge quietly from their throne. For example, he is probably the most ungraceful and uncat-like cat in the history of cats and can’t even walk along the window ledge without causing some kind of catastrophe. He recently fractured his foot after sitting in, and then falling out of the bird bath in his garden (because where else would a cat be sitting). 

Moose Garden 1

Missy-Moo-The-Dark-Destroyer, on the other hand, HAS learnt how to judge quietly from her throne, and even has a very very judgmental resting face that she regularly throws in your direction. Her favourite pastime is to punch her sister, Florrie, around the face if she catches her sitting on her favourite stool…. Or… mixing bowl?

Missy Mixing Bowl 1


Anyway, now that you know the Office Stationery felines, let's have a look through some of the top cat facts -

  1. A cat named Stubbs was the mayor of a town in Alaska for 20 years! 
  2. Cats walk the same as Camels and Giraffes- both right feet, followed by both left feet.
  3. The average house cat can reach speeds of up to 30MPH
  4. Cats are so highly sensitive to vibrations that they could detect an earthquake up to 15 minutes before a human can.
  5. The first cat in space was in 1963 and named Felicette 
  6. House cats share a whopping 95.6% of their genetics with Tigers…. Thank goodness they’re only a fraction of the size! 
  7. Cats can learn to manipulate their humans with their meows and some can even develop a cry like a baby
  8. A cat can sleep between 12-16 hours a day, and for the 8-6 hours that they’re awake, they spend up to a third of this time grooming themselves… some might call that a bit vain! 
  9. Cats are far more likely to drink from a tap than their own water bowl as their natural instinct is to avoid still water. 
  10. A green cat was born in Denmark in 1995. High levels of copper in the water pipes was thought to be to blame. 


Obviously over the last 15 months, we did have to spend periods of time working from home (much to our cat's disapproval)… and if you have ever had to work at home with a cat, you will completely understand the struggles. Keeping a cat entertained and trying to stop them from eating your phone, pen, notepad, cursor, keyboard, computer screen, mouse, cables, printer, paper coming out of the printer, basically anything that moves or can be eaten, is quite a challenge. We also come to appreciate that office pets need supplies, just like everyone else. So we now have a huge range of pet supplies that should keep your cat (or dog) entertained and happy whilst you work from home, or when returning to the office.




And finally, the only thing that makes us happier than International Cat Day itself, is to see pictures of your crazy cats! So join in the fun and tweet us @BuyStationery using #InternationalCatDay and help spread a little bit of kitty cat joy


Missy Kitchen 1                                              Moose Phone 3


                                                                                 Moose Phone 4



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International Cat Day 2021
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