Ways to Feel More Comfortable at your Desk

Date Published: 18-07-2018   Published By: OfficeStationery

Ways to increase comfort at your desk

Being at your desk or stuck in an office for hours at a time can become rather uncomfortable after a while if you do not have the correct equipment to support yourself and your environment. We have made a list of a few tools you can easily include in your everyday work-life to make those long office hours a little more pleasant.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers are excellent to use to make your environment a nicer and more refreshing place to be. Air purifiers help to remove airborne bacteria and pathogens in the air around you which then means that you are less likely to contract any illnesses and will feel much healthier. As well as removing bacteria, air purifiers are great for removing unwanted smells from rooms such as cigarette smoke or the remnants of pungent food, such as onions or fish.

Fellowes AeraMax DX55 Air Purifier 9393001Designer Air Purifier with Permanent Filter


Having the correct chair and right amount of support can really impact how you feel during and after work. We have very detailed guide on how to ensure you have the correct seating position on one of our other blog posts - “Office Chair Guide” - so be sure to read that to brush up on your knowledge of posture. On top of sitting in the right position, you may benefit from a back support or foot rest as these can help to alleviate tension on your muscles if you are finding yourself to be aching and uncomfortable normally.

Also, laptop stands, raised monitors, or sit/stand desks can be a great way to make sure than you are in the correct position when spending a lot of time looking at a screen or typing, which normally may cause tension and strain on the neck and shoulders.

Correct office seating


Keeping your workspace as clean as you can will make you feel more at ease in general when working all day. Having a cluttered or dirty desk has been related to heightened feelings of stress and anxiety. Therefore, by removing any unnecessary items or dust and dirt, you are allowing yourself to release the unwanted tension brought on by your desk. Some ways to keep things clean that are quick and convenient are air dusters, telephone wipes, screen wipes, and a dust cloth to wipe down your surfaces with.  

desk pink with keyboard

Air fresheners

The air purifiers may help to remove the unwanted smells from the area, however, having an air freshener can refill the air with a much more desirable scent. You can get air fresheners that plug into the wall or that sit on/around your desk so you can control the way your environment smells. Alternatively something such as incense sticks that do not require burning as these are a safer alternative to something such as candles.

flowers with incense sticks in oil in background

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Ways to Feel More Comfortable at your Desk
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