Desk Essentials You Wish You Had Already

Date Published: 04-06-2018   Published By: OfficeStationery

Desk Essentials You Wish You Already Had

Anything can happen when you’re on your way to work, having lunch or at your desk so it’s always best to keep a few bits and bobs around in preparation.

Pain Killers

We’ve all had it when we’re sitting at our desks, sipping our coffee, typing away and BAM!! - instant headache. The pages are blurry, your head is pounding and you just need to knock down some pain killers and push through. It is always a good idea to have some in your desk draw, jacket pocket, or purse just in case so that you can beat the pain and carry on throughout your day.

girl holding pain killer and water

Chewing Gum

Gum has many uses at your desk, each different from the other and yet just as useful. Of course, chewing gums main purpose is to freshen your breath, which can come in handy after 14 cups of coffee on a Monday morning.  But as well as this, chewing gum can help you shake that sleepy feeling off as the repetitive movement of your mouth will keep your brain somewhat engaged and wake you up a bit. Chewing gum can also help if you get hungry too early before your lunch and you just need something to tide you over until that lunch hour calls your name.

small gumball machine blue background

Spare Change

Keeping a few extra bits of spare change at your desk just means that you have a small emergency stash for those unpredictable moments. For example, you may have forgotten to make lunch this morning or forgot to get cash out for your office’s lunch truck but now you have a backup! Or you lost your bus ticket for your journey home and have no way to get to a cash machine but now you can buy a single ticket!

small piles of coins in table

A Safety Pin

Safety pins are one of those random items where you never think you will need one but all of a sudden you sat down, your trousers are ripped  (in a quite undesirable place), your hiding in the office bathroom and you wish you had one laying around. This is a good reason to just keep one or two in the bottom of your drawer or pen pot for those undesirable moments.

pile of safety pins and push pins

A Change of Clothes

Much like our safety pin horror story, an emergency can happen at any time and your outfit and workwear may end up being compromised. Whether it’s a coffee stain on a shirt or a shoe in a puddle, it’s always better to have a dry, clean option in the boot of your car or in a bag under your desk just in case.

shirt trousers and glasses

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