How to Prepare for University Life

Date Published: 12-07-2018   Published By: OfficeStationery

How to prepare for University life

It’s that time of year again when many of the nation’s youths are making their way to a new chapter in their lives - The University Years. Preparing for this can be a somewhat difficult task when trying to instill new “adult” habits into your brain like budgeting and not overdoing the alcohol. Here is a small list of a few things to keep in mind when getting ready this summer.


Without at least one checklist, you will forget multiple items guaranteed. So, it is always best to do your research on what to bring from Youtube, blogs, friends, and family. The best idea is to make a list of the things you have that you want to pack as well as a list of things you need to buy. This way you can stay on top of what you have or haven’t packed so that you don’t miss anything out.

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Strict Budget

Budgeting is going to potentially be a very difficult part of university if you are not used to being in charge of the costs of certain items such as rent, bills, or food. The best way to get used to and stay on top of these new responsibilities is to set yourself strict amounts to spend on each amenity. A way to do this is to set up things like meal plans so that you know what you are going to buy and how much you are going to spend.  

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Join a Club

Joining a club is a great idea for your first year as it will help you to meet new people and bond with them over something so that it is much less awkward when trying to get to know them. There are plenty of opportunities to join clubs and meet people during freshers week. As well as making new friends, joining a club or starting a new hobby can become a way to relieve stress from classes and exams by indulging in something you have learned to love with people who also enjoy it.

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Knowing your limits may prove to be one of the hardest things to do at university, especially in first year, but there are some things that have to be set out for your own sanity. For example, if you are sharing a house or dorm with people, it is a good idea to have a group discussion about what rules you want to set for yourselves - anything from time allowed in the bathroom each morning to who gets which cupboard in the kitchen. This should just help things run a lot smoother over the next year.

girl reading book about the rules


Make the most of the tools around you while you can - partying may seem like the best thing to do every night but in your next years you may regret it. It's all about the balance between studying and having fun because if you don't have the stress of overdue deadlines, you can have fun with a clear head. Use the libraries, teachers, study groups to the best of your ability so that you can find that balance and have a productive and expressive university experience.

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How to Prepare for University Life
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