Top Tips To Keep Busy During This Summer Break

Date Published: 20-07-2020   Published By: OfficeStationery

With the Summer break, fast approaching (and for most, it has already begun) thinking of ways to keep busy can be a tedious task. Especially in the current climate with lots of restrictions still in place for social distancing, trying to stay entertained can be tricky. That is why, we have put our heads together and come up with some top ideas that are sure to keep you safe whilst having fun. 


Walk - Jog - Run

By taking up one of these, not only will you have a daily activity to keep you busy, it is a brilliant way to improve your physical as well as your mental health. Don’t be put off by thinking you’ll never be able to run for any distance. Start off small- try interval running. Walk for 2 minutes, run for 1 minute and repeat. This will build up your endurance and strength to then be able to run for longer periods and distances. This type of activity is also perfect for social distancing as it can be undertaken solo or with friends without needing to come into contact with others. 


Now I’m not talking about redecorating, (although that is another fantastic way to keep busy) for many of us, painting is an activity that we haven’t participated in since we were at school. However getting in touch with your creative side can improve your mental state and reduce stress. Obviously we can’t all be Picasso, and not being ‘arty’ is something a lot of us struggle with, but this shouldn’t put you off. There are many step-by-step instructional videos that are available, free of charge online that talk you through how to create your very own masterpiece! 

Prepare and organise

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. I know. This sounds boring. But taking half an hour out of your weekly routine to prepare for you after summer life could be a life saver in the long run. Whether it is buying and organising supplies for school, college or university, or even preparing yourself to go back to work rather than working from home. Getting everything in place so after the summer break you can just pick up and go will not only lower your stress levels but also ensure that you don’t forget any crucial details. 

Become one with nature

Get out into your garden and get closer to nature. Taking time to care for your garden can take a real step back in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Whilst you have more free time during the Summer break, you could have a complete garden makeover. If the idea of a complete refresh seems intimidating, there are still small steps that you can take that will be invaluable to the animals and insects in your garden. One brilliant way to encourage more wildlife to your garden is to create a wildlife corner. In this area, leaving the grass to grow, adding some bird feed, building an insect hotel along with growing some wild flowers are just a few basic ways to introduce new wildlife to your garden. You could even go as far as leaving a gap in your fence to allow hedgehogs and other small animals to come and go as they please. 


With the advance in technology in mobile phones, taking high quality pictures has never been easier. Photography is such a versatile activity, whether you are photographing nature, still life, landscapes or people, this is an easy activity that can be cost free and keep you busy for hours. There are many tutorials and explanations that can be found online that will explain and teach you how to use the different camera settings and modes available on your device which in turn allows you to get the most out of your mobile. Many local newspapers look for pictures of the local area taken by readers to be printed in the next edition, so by keeping an eye out and sending in relevant items, this is the perfect way to get your photos viewed by others. 

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Top Tips To Keep Busy During This Summer Break
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