Curble Chair Support - A Kids Review

Date Published: 24-08-2021   Published By: OfficeStationery

After well over a year of learning or working from home it is easy to forget the importance of good posture at work and in school. You may have been told in the past to ‘Stand Up Straight’, however it is a common misconception that simply straightening your spine can improve your poor posture. If you were to lift your shoulders and roll them back and down, this automatically encourages you to sit up straighter and improves your posture. It is also important to remember that poor posture isn’t only caused because of bad habits, physical and medical problems can also be to blame.


A new chair support to the market is the Curble Chair Support. This affordable, lightweight support has a more stylish look and feel to it than the traditional chair supports. These supports are also designed to be used both on a chair as well as a stand alone support for sitting on the floor or on seating with no back.


The design of the Curble support encourages the natural S shaped curve of the spine. It does this by pushing the lumbar spine up and out which also expands the chest, whilst also pulling the lower law back slightly. This relieves pressure on the lower spine and keeps the cervical and thoracic vertebrae straight. Good posture is when the shoulders and pelvis are on the same vertical line from the ear to the bottom.


The support itself is manufactured using a rigid plastic resin for durability and has Polyurethane memory foam pads for comfort. 

     Open image in slideshow, Curble Wider - Curble Chair UK
  The Curble Wider range is available with us in black, grey and red.


   Curble                           The Curble Kids range is available with us in black, mint and pink.



Now we wanted to try this support out for ourselves, and then we thought, why not let a real critic have a try and tell us what they think? So, we sent one of our Curble Kids to Summer, age 11, and asked her to tell us how she felt about it -

What do you like about how the chair support looks?

I like the bright colours and the pink and mint are my favourite. It isn’t heavy at all so I can carry it around my house if I want to and it'll be really easy to take to school every day.


How does the chair make you sit up straighter?

It makes you sit up straight, because it pushes you up and if you try to slouch it will push you back up. It is comfy and doesn’t dig into your back.


Why would you recommend this to your friends?

My friends during lockdown were all doing online learning, and when everyone came back to school they were all slouching in their chairs and they started to get pain in their neck and back. I’m going to take my Curble to school with me after the holidays to show them because it helps your posture to be straight instead of slouching on your chair and that will help their neck and back. The comfyness of it really helps too because it is really comfy to sit on. 


As well as getting yourself one of these innovative chair supports, you can try some of the below tips on how you can improve your posture whilst sitting at your desk-

Shoulder Rolls - Lift your shoulders before rolling them back and down 

Shoulder Stretch - Holding your hands together, reach out in front of you and push forwards, repeat above your head and behind your back.

Next Stretches - Stretch your neck from left to right as well as forwards and backwards.

Spine Stretches - Place your hands behind your neck and lengthen your spine up and over the back of your chair. 


And above all, remember to take regular short breaks as this is key to good health and posture.

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Curble Chair Support - A Kids Review
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