Back To School Hacks

Date Published: 09-07-2018   Published By: OfficeStationery

Back To School Tips and Tricks

For most students and teachers, it most likely feels ludicrous to start thinking about going back to school yet but for some, it’s never too early to start preparing for the September send-away. Office stationery have compiled a list of a few tips to get your child or yourself as ready as you can for the new academic year.



Labelling possessions is a great way to minimise trips to the lost property bin, as well as trips back the store to purchase replacements. There are various ways you can get stuck into labelling dependant on what material it is and what the object is in itself. One easy way is to use a permanent marker and write the name on the tags of clothes, on bookbags and pe kits, sides of water bottles, or anywhere else you think needs it.

Alternatively, depending on how DIY you’re feeling, try your hand at stitching the name or even just initials into some of the belongings for a longer lasting option. This can be done by hand stitching or with a machine.  

As well as these two ideas, label makers are an excellent way to get great quality, customised labels within minutes. Their adhesive texture makes them ideal for sticking to items such as water bottles and pencil cases.

blank gift tags

Personalised Items

Personalised items are an effective way to make sure items are much less likely to be lost somehow in the 6 hours of the average school day, much like labels. However, labels always have the possibility of wearing off or coming loose so personalised items can be a more permanent solution. There are a variety of items available to have personalized such as school bags, pe kits, pencil cases, water bottles etc.

boy playing baseball with name on shirt

Gum Hack

This is a little trick to help get gum off of clothes or shoes after an unfortunate situation. It is almost futile to try and do anything with it at the time as, even if you can scrape the majority off, there is more than likely to be a residue leftover. So, an easy way to combat this is to put the affected item in the freezer for a couple of hours or even overnight. This will freeze the gum into a more solid substance which allows you to scrape it off with ease and without the sticky residue.

girl blowing bubble with gum

Water Hacks

Water can get slightly boring and repetitive for kids no matter how good it is for them but there are ways to spice things up a bit and still keep them hydrated throughout the day. One way to make water somewhat more enticing is to add fruits into it. This can be done with a regular water bottle or a bottle with a section in it designed for fruits or ice. Some ideas could be strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, lemons etc.

lemon being dropped in glass of water

Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are so simple yet so essential and useful to have on you or put in your child’s bag. They are great because they can be small and compact and contain a few essentials should you find yourself in a sticky situation. Some items to include are: spare change (totalling up to £10), hand sanitisers, sanitary items, spare pens, contact details of family, list of medications or health conditions, any medicine you may need suddenly such as inhalers or epipens. 

first aid box on brick floor

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