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Our range of Franken covers all the essentials needs that every office has for them, if you can not find the Franken supplies that you are looking for please feel to contact us here at Office Stationery.

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  1. FA18992Franken A-Board Chalk Surface Din A1 BSKA1

    The Franken Black A1 Chalk Surface A-board (BSKA1) is an attention-grabbing chalk advertising board that's perfect for menus, daily deals or upcoming events. The board features two chalk writing panels for maximum exposure. Advertise today's special or tomorrow's event and simply wipe clean with a wet or dry cloth, or use one side as a permanent m - 4016946189927 rrp £130.44

  2. FA07443Franken A-Board Poster Frame Din A1 BSA1 BSA1

    - 4016946074438 rrp £190.33

  3. FA06168Franken Black Mobile Felt Board Castors (Pack of 4) ECO-UMRO

    Franken Mobile Felt Boards are already extremely portable and easy to set up, but this set of four Franken Black Mobile Felt Board Castors (ECO-UMRO) makes it even easier. Use them in your office or school when you need a versatile noticeboard that can be easily moved from room to room without disassembly, or as a display at trade fairs that can b - 4016946061681 rrp £30.32

  4. FA19266Franken Blue Sponge X-Wipe Pack of 2 Z1945

    Effective on stubborn marks and comfortable in the hand this Franken Blue Sponge X-Wipe (Z1945) features a bright blue foam grip for easy use. The white sponge face is designed for thorough cleaning - 4016946192668 rrp £12.82

  5. FA20067Franken Copy Planner Module 31x176cm/63x88cm SJPM1838GB SJPM1838GB

    - 4016946200677 rrp £592.09

  6. FA18529Franken Document Holder Magnetic Din A4 5-pieces Red ITSA4M/5 01 ITSA4M/5 01

    - 4016946185295 rrp £38.21

  7. FA19405Franken Extra A-Board Poster Frame Din A1 BS1308

    This eye-catching Franken Silver Exterior A-board A1 (BS1308) is a perfect weatherproof housing for posters and promotional material that's sure to get noticed. The anti-reflective PVC cover keeps your display secure and easy to read, even in bright sunlight, while a water-tight seal protects contents from the elements. A durable heavy base ensures - 4016946194051 rrp £430.42

  8. FA20716Franken Felt Pin Board Pro 1000x1500mm Blue PT830903 PT830903

    - 4016946207164 rrp £214.75

  9. FA20717Franken Felt Pin Board Pro 1000x1500mm Grey PT830912 PT830912

    - 4016946207171 rrp £214.75

  10. FA20637Franken Felt Pin Board Pro 90x120cm Grey PT830312 PT830312

    - 4016946206372 rrp £149.49

  11. FA20638Franken Felt Pin Board Pro 90x180cm Blue PT830703 PT830703

    - 4016946206389 rrp £182.73

  12. FA18726Franken Grey Multi-Functional Planner 600 x 910mm EU5000GB

    This Franken Grey Multi-Functional Planner 600 x 910mm (EU5000GB) is versatile, capable and sure to make a difference to your next big project. The 14 by 37 cell grid lets you plan out deadlines for each day per month or assign tasks across projects or employees. An optional starter kit (sold separately) gives you even more versatility. The magnet - 4016946187268 rrp £321.47

  13. 819244Franken Jumbo Planner and Accessories SJP1990

    Ideal for a complex schedule, project and holiday planning with 90 positions. Enamelled, scratchproof surface and system frame. Accessories supplied: 90 magnetic nameplates (80x10mm), magnetic monthly plates; 10mmx2m coloured magnetic strip, each in red, yellow, light blue and light green; one date indicator; transparent adhesive tape for highlight - 4016946057899 rrp £815.32

  14. FA20000Franken Light Grey Pro Flipchart Deluxe Easel Mobile pack of 1 FC81

    The Franken Light Grey Pro Flipchart Deluxe Easel Mobile (FC81) is a handy flipchart that can be moved from room to room on a robust and stable five-castor base. The magnetic drywipe easel is height adjustable up to a maximum of two metres. Clip in a flipchart pad and display additional pages on the extendable side arms. It's easy to set up as wel - 4016946200004 rrp £265.81

  15. FA20001Franken Light Grey Pro Flipchart Deluxe Easel pack of 1 FC84

    The Franken Light Grey Pro Flipchart Deluxe Easel (FC84) is a versatile flipchart easel with a stand that adjusts from 188cm down to 110cm to suit your requirements. The magnetic drywipe easel features a safety lock to hold the board in place when changing the height. Clip in a flipchart pad and display additional pages on the extendable side arms - 4016946200011 rrp £169.94

  16. FA18641Franken Light Grey Spring-Loaded Paper Clamp Pack of 1 PKS88

    For quick display of important notes order forms - 4016946186414 rrp £31.02

  17. FA18983Franken Magnetic Combi Marker 4-pieces Assorted Z1703 Z1703

    - 4016946189835 rrp £13.39

  18. FA06123Franken Magnetic Flipchart Pad Holder FDKMAG FDKMAG

    - 4016946061230 rrp £75.93

  19. FA18715Franken Magnetic Marker Pen Holder with 4 Magnetic Markers Z1928 Z1928

    - 4016946187152 rrp £30.37

  20. FA20783Franken Mobile Board Felt 150x120cm Grey MT800312 MT800312

    - 4016946207836 rrp £510.61

  21. FA20791Franken Mobile Board Felt 2x75x120cm Grey MT880312 MT880312

    - 4016946207911 rrp £572.29

  22. FA20782Franken Mobile Double-Sided Felt Board 1500x1200mm Blue MT800303

    This Franken Blue Standard Mobile Felt Board (MT800303) is ideal as an office display board that's attention-grabbing and highly mobile. Simply snap the strong aluminium legs into place and you're ready to start using the large 1500 x 1200mm felt surface. The tough aluminium frame features rounded plastic corner caps for protection when carrying f - 4016946207829 rrp £510.61

  23. FA20776Franken Mobile Stand for Pro Boards 145-205cm STM820 STM820

    - 4016946207768 rrp £525.63

  24. FA19126Franken Monthly Drywipe Planner 600x900mm Aluminium Frame VO-18

    Purchase this Drywipe Monthly Planner from Franken and you need never buy another calendar again! The unique design allows you to use the five week planner for every month of the year; simply erase and re-write each month. The board includes spaces for you to note the month and the dates of each day spanning 5 weeks and each day also contains spa - 4016946191265 rrp £54.37

  25. FA06122Franken Monthly Planner VO-7

    For an effortless overview of the entire month ahead, choose a Franken White Month Planner 900x600mm (VO-7). With a 5x7 grid, you can enter notes and deadlines across an entire month, Monday to Sunday. Write dates in the small box for each day and then add notes, deadlines or targets across up to 35 days. What's more, you can even plan ahead to n - 4016946061223 rrp £89.28

  26. 107327Franken Monthly Planner with Notes Magnetic VO-18

    Franken Monthly Planner with Notes Magnetic. Monthly Planner With Notes Magnetic - 4016946191265 rrp £90.45

  27. FA08017Franken Multi-Function Planner Starter Set ZEU5000/2

    It includes a full set of magnetic date strips, so you can update your planner for monthly use, plus magnetic numbers for even more customisation. It is incredibly easy to use the included colour magnetic strips (in red, yellow, green and blue) to better organise your layout. There's also 4 Franken Fine Markers in green, blue, red and black, so y - 4016946080170 rrp £89.23

  28. 819236Franken Perpetual Project Year Planner Ref JK753GB

    Annual Planner Day Grid 14 x 15mm 90 x 60cm Space for 32 projects covering 53 calendar weeks The ideal overview for project planning and order control with time division covering 53 calendar weeks Individual projects can be listed on the index field with an order number The coloured magnetic strips can show different project steps with squares rep - 4016946196253 rrp £171.01

  29. 819252Franken Planner Accessory Set with Nameplates Magnetic Strips Adhesive Tape and 4 Finemarkers Z-JKP

    Accessory Set. Contains 20 magnetic name plates (50x10mm), coloured magnetic strip (5mmx2m), in red, green, blue and yellow strips, transparent adhesive tape, tape cutter and 4 finemarkers (drywipe; red, green, blue and black). Planner Accessory Set Contains 20 magnetic Name plates (50x10mm) Coloured magnetic strip (5mmx2m), in red, green, blue an - 4016946192637 rrp £82.96

  30. FA20617Franken Pro Enamel Whiteboard 100x150cm SC8209 SC8209

    - 4016946206174 rrp £325.11

  31. FA20615Franken Pro Enamel Whiteboardl 90x180cm SC8207 SC8207

    - 4016946206150 rrp £348.83

  32. FA19230Franken Training Box 1300-pieces Plus UMSK

    The large and economical Franken White Training Box (UMSK) is perfect for your next training session, meeting or team-building exercise. Inside you'll find a host of training supplies, including 20 flipchart markets and 4 jumbo markers - enough for even the biggest groups. There's also a glue stick and 200 push pins for easy display. There's 10 cl - 4016946192309 rrp £154.52

  33. FA18650Franken Training Case Mini 1000-Pieces Plus UMKM UMKM

    - 4016946186506 rrp £79.45

  34. FA20693Franken Wall Rail 200cm White WS8200 WS8200

    - 4016946206938 rrp £97.28

  35. FA20694Franken Wall Rail 300cm White WS8300 WS8300

    - 4016946206945 rrp £118.64

  36. FA06121Franken Week Planner Magnetic W900xH600mm Ref VO-5 VO-5

    - 4016946061216 rrp £81.86

  37. FA18101Franken Whiteboard 770x1060mm EU4002

    For a stylish but practical addition to any corporate office or boardroom, choose a Franken Clear Euroline Whiteboard 77x106cm (EU4002) with an elegant sand-polished glass frame. The lacquered whiteboard surface accepts dry and wet erasers for maintaining a pristine white surface. It's magnetic too, so you can attach memos or documents. The stylis - 4016946181013 rrp £474.83

  38. 107326Franken Whiteboard Sponge X-Wipe Pack of 2 Z1945 Z1945

    - 4016946192668 rrp £8.73

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