Cheap and Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer.

Date Published: 25-07-2018   Published By: OfficeStationery

Cheap and Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer.

The six week long summer holiday is now upon us and that means the kids are all yours 24/7. So, how to stop these 6 weeks becoming a drag for both you and the young ones? Take some of these easy and affordable ideas with you this summer to liven up your days!

Picnic in the Park

A simple picnic is a great way to get out of the house without really doing anything too different from your normal routine. It’s basically the same as having your lunch in the house but just a little more scenic. You don’t even have to go far away if you don’t live close enough to a park or field, your back garden is still just as good. Something to bring everyone together out of the house without having to then reshape the rest of your day around it.

friends having picnic with dog

Have a Water Fight

The way Britain’s weather appears to be going, a water fight could be just what this summer calls for. A little bit of family fun or sibling competition is always a good way to get everyone involved in something active but the best part is that your being sprayed with a water gun in 30 degree heat!

family throwing water on each other

Beach Day

This is a slightly more taxing idea, however, it can be a great way to keep the family happy in this heatwave. The food and restaurants on the coast can sometimes be a bit pricey so why not put that picnic idea to use again and pack some drinks and sandwiches in a cool-box. A trip to the closest beach with some towels, sunscreen, bucket and spade, and you're all set to go. Don’t forget to grab an ice cream on the seafront for the full experience.

father and daughter in sea at beach

Game Nights

Don’t be afraid to whip out a classic board game just because your son has never seen a real life chess set before; board games are a great way to spend a nice evening with your family engaged in a bit of healthy competition. Or, if you are a very modern age family, you can get some really fun electronic games on your mobile phones or games consoles that can be just as hilarious.

close up of game on table

Do Something New

Doing something new in a sweltering summer sounds like a lot of effort, we know. But it doesn’t have to be. Doing something new just means doing something you have never done before whether it is baking cupcakes, painting a picture, trying to learn a flip on a trampoline. It is totally up to you.

baking equipment and ingredients on table

Movie Nights

Nothing is better than all coming together at the end of the day with bowls full of popcorn and chocolates at the ready to sit back and enjoy a nostalgic Disney movie or a rib-tickling comedy. A movie night is a great way for everyone to relax togther, perhaps after a busy day, and enjoy each other's company while watching a family favourite movie. 

girl eating popcorn on bed

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