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Our range of Flavia covers all the essentials needs that every office has for them, if you can not find the Flavia supplies that you are looking for please feel to contact us here at Office Stationery.

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  1. ARN00173Flavia 4 Column Merchandiser 101215

    A user friendly, hot beverage merchandiser which showcases a wide variety of drinks. Perfect for tea, coffee and hot chocolate, the merchandiser holds up to 450 fresh packs and ancillaries (not included). - 50465719001732 rrp £101.00

  2. NWT3574Flavia Alterra Hazelnut Coffee 100s

    Flavia Alterra Hazelnut Coffee 100's Enjoy a luxurious blend of medium roasted beans and the continental flavor of hazelnuts. Take in the rich continental flavour of hazelnuts in this smooth medium-roast blend. Prepared for Flavia - ready to vend and enjoy ROAST: Medium Roast TASTING NOTES: Toasted with Hazelnut Flavour - rrp £48.49

  3. NWT342Flavia Alterra Mild Roast Coffee 100s

    Flavia Alterra Mild Roast Coffee 100's Easy drinking, like easy listening. This is the sort of coffee you could enjoy all day long. It is light, quite sweet and compared to darker roast coffees it is far cleaner, no complicated tastes here. If you enjoy this coffee you would also like Kenco Light Roast Singles. - rrp £48.49

  4. NWT358Flavia Alterra Rich Roast Coffee 100s

    Rain Forest Alliance A well rounded medium roast coffee with a smooth, satisfying taste makes this our most popular coffee For use with your Flavia coffee machine, these refill sachets of Alterra Rich Roast are made from Arabica beans, carefully roasted for a full flavour and velevty body. Simply clip the sachet into your machine for a quick and de - rrp £48.49

  5. NWT359Flavia Alterra Smooth Coffee Decaf 100s

    A well rounded medium roast coffee with a smooth, satisfying taste makes this our most popular coffee Caffeine free and packed full of delicious well-balanced fruity flavours **Please note minimum order 20 cases - so we can offer our customers the best date possible delivery to our warehouse is within 2-3 days direct from manufacturer** - rrp £48.49

  6. NWT357Flavia Alterra Smooth Roast Coffee 100s

    Rain Forest Alliance A well rounded medium roast coffee with a smooth, satisfying taste makes this our most popular coffee FLAVIA’s Alterra Smooth Roast is designed to provide a smooth, subtle flavour with a beautiful coffee aroma direct from your FLAVIA coffee machine. It’s perfect as a ‘standard’ coffee to offer your workplace, making sure ev - rrp £48.49

  7. NWT1047Flavia Artisan Roast Coffee 100s

    A great coffee for any time of the day. Artisan Roast from Alterra Coffee Roasters, perfectly designed hot coffee drinks for your Flavia coffee machine. Flavias passionate roasters crafted this special blend, medium roasted to enhance the fruity character of the beans with distinctive bright notes. - rrp £49.99

  8. ARN00047Flavia C500 Coffee Machine and 4 Column Merchandiser C500

    Designed for use in shared kitchens and break rooms, this Flavia C500 coffee machine brews a delicious range of drinks, each in less than a minute, with an enhanced LCD menu display for easy selection. The machine can be plumbed in, or refilled manually for versatile use. The machine measures W269 x D505 x H434mm and comes with a 4 column merchandi - 5023471000473 rrp £1699.00

  9. ARN20654Flavia Coffee Machine C400 Starter Pack 100332

    Designed for use in large offices, the Flavia single serving hot drinks dispenser brews a fresh drink in under 40 seconds. Choose from invigorating coffee, soothing black, green & herbal teas, luxurious hot chocolate, as well as indulgent cappuccinos, lattes and mochas. The machine is highly energy efficient with a rating of A+ and is quick and eas - 0 rrp £14.38

  10. NWT586Flavia Colombian Coffee 100s

    Flavia Colombian x 100 Sachets ALTERRA™ Colombia Coffee is an aromatic medium roasted coffee using 100% Colombian coffee beans, to give a balanced, fragrant experience. Formally known as Flavia Colombia Coffee. Take a look at our Flavia Colombia coffee made from medium roasted 100% Colombian beans. They provide you with a balanced, fragrant e - rrp £51.49

  11. ARN01579Flavia Creation 200 Coffee Machine C200

    Perfect for offices or organisations with 15-75 employees, the Flavia Creation 200 Coffee Machine provides a hot drink in 40-60 seconds. The single serve machine brews one cup at a time with simple, easy to use technology. The 2.8 litre water tank is easy to fill and features a water filter for great tasting drinks. The compact, countertop design a - 0 rrp £650.00

  12. NWT505Flavia Espresso Roast 100s

    Flavia Espresso Coffee x 100's Sachets Flavia espresso roast coffee is part of a unique drinks system that offers a superb range of indiviually presented drinks to cater to all tastes. All sealed in unique FLAVIA® filterpacks, with the full aroma and freshness preserved until you select and freshly brew the drink of your choice. Great taste gua - rrp £48.49

  13. NWT361Flavia Fabulous Real Milk Froth Powder 80s

    Flavia Fabulous Real Milk Froth Powder 80's Indulge yourself with a perfect Latte or Cappuccino without leaving the office; just add your coffee / tea of choice. It's so easy there's only two steps Step 1: Add to your cup Step 2: Make your coffee Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your frothy coffee! - rrp £34.99

  14. NWT506Flavia Galaxy Hot Chocolate 72s

    Flavia Galaxy Hot Chocolate x 72 Sachets Enjoy a little luxury and indulge in our GALAXY hot chocolate. Carefully blended and made with real GALAXY chocolate, the fastest growing chocolate brand from Mars, Inc. It truly is an indulgent taste sensation. Perfect for anytime of the day for the perfect break. For those chocolate lovers out there, - rrp £42.49

  15. NWT1392Flavia Green Tea 140s

    This cup has a light body and a vegetative and nutty aroma and taste with balanced bite and sweetness. It displays a soft golden cup color. Our Select Green features one of the top ten most famous Chinese teas—a spring-harvested Mao Feng. During the spring, the buds are plucked just at the beginning of the gentle rains when the buds have just - rrp £46.24

  16. NWT508Flavia Italian Roast 100s

    Flavia Italian Roast Coffee x 100 Sachets Flavia Italian Roast Coffee is an assertive, dark roasted coffee with a hint of caramel and spices. Flavia Italian Roast Coffee is full bodied, Rich and Intense. Flavia Italian Roast Coffee can be used in all Flavia Coffee Machines and are perfect for offices. - rrp £49.99

  17. NWT507Flavia Peppermint Herbal Tea 140s

    Flavia Peppermint Tea x 140 Sachets Deliciously cool and refreshing peppermint tea. Nothing added, simply made of pure mint leaves and caffeine free. The perfect natural drink to finish a meal or enjoy at any time of day. The Flavia herbal tea range has something refreshingly brilliant to serve you! A peppermint herbal tea. This herbal tea is espe - rrp £45.49

  18. NWT1028Flavia Sumatra Coffee 100s

    Our 100% Sumatran beans are dark roasted to give a heavy bodied, complex cup with a bold finish. Flavia Sumatra is a heavy bodied, full flavoured 100% Sumatran Arabica beans with a bold finish. Dark and intense roast and flavour. For use in Flavia drinks machines. 100 Filter packs per case. - rrp £51.49

  19. NWT3547Flavia Taylors Rich Italian Coffee 100s

    TAYLORS Rich Italian Coffee is a coffee with class. Inspired by the elegant blends of northern Italy, it's a sophisticated medium dark roast with the perfect combination of chocolaty Brazilian beans and subtly sweet beans from Africa and Central America. TAYLORS Rich Italian Coffee is 100% from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms. - rrp £56.74

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