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Officestationery provide a wide assortment of office seating, from simple stools for part time computer usage , to advanced ergonomic office seats for long hours at any desks. Having a lot of options ,'s advise makes choosing the most appropriate office chair simple, all we need our customers to need to do is evaluate the needs and work pattern.

It is always crucial to keep in mind that even on an ergonomically appropriate seat , don’t stay for an extended time without a rest! Stand up as well as do different things, like a few basic stretches. Small but repeated breaks are much better for all of us, than one extended break following a very extended period.

Office chairs are the back bone to any office, having the incorrect seating for staff can cause back pain and can hamper workflow. We stock a wide range of office seating solutions from executive seating to heavy duty seating for the larger person.

Our range of leisure seating and tables are perfect for any office kitchen area or cafeteria, this is easy to keep clean and hard wearing.

Many schools, conference centres and wedding venues use our multipurpose chairs, these include stackable chairs and visitor armchairs.

 and other office supplies from office stationery

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Things to watch out for during choosing an office chair.

Height of the seat

This will be the most significant of all other feature. The users feet need to rest flat on the carpet without squashing the rear of the users thighs, if not the blood supply to the lower legs and feet will be limited causing fatigued and perhaps numb legs.

Whenever you are working at a table which can’t be adjusted in height, you ought to adjust your chair based upon the level of your table, lowering the chair until eventually the users elbows are just above the desk top. If the feet continue to not sit flat on the floor, you need to buy a footrest also.

Depth of the seat

If the seat depth isn’t adjustable, it ought to at least enable the user to sit within reach of the rear of the seat without having the backs of your knees pushing into the chair. You will need to sit right at the back of the seat to make use of the backrest properly and assist the lumbar.

Supporting your lumbar using a backrest

It’s essential that the chair has a backrest alongside an correct size and shape, to maintain support to the base and centre back effectively without limiting arm or shoulder movements. Any backrest really should assist you to keep the normal S-shape of the users spine while you’re sitting.

Tilting the backrest

Slanting the backrest enables you to choose different positions. When the user sits on a desk chair, the angle between ones thighs and back must be approximately 95 to 105 degrees so that the users abdomen and chest are open and not condensed. introducing more of the position between your body and thighs enables you to breathe better, supplying more oxygen to your muscle groups.

Dynamic seating

The human body isn’t designed for static positions, particularly sitting. The longer you work , the greater the significance of chair movement gets, like as the capacity to lean back. It’s much better to take smaller motions in the chair rather than continuously fidgeting.

Such seat motions hinge on the users weight, so desk chairs must preferably have automatic weight alteration. Otherwise, you might have the ability to adapt the tension for the backrest, to ensure that you are in complete stability whether or not you are vertical or tilting back, and capable to preserve a ideal posture without worrying about being required to exert excessive force.

The options of armrests

If you’re likely to devote a little extra time in the seat, you really want to support the weight of your arms. Secured height armrests are okay for casual usage, however for extended use, these should modify, at the least in height. Elevation adjustable arms may be reduced to go neatly underneath the desk whenever the seat is not in use.

The top ergonomic chairs will allow one to change the distance anywhere between armrests to meet your physical width, so that they are nearby to you where you are looking for them.

In the event the armrests stop you moving close to the desk or table, you’ll find yourself seated at the front edge of seat and then not have the means to make use of the backrest properly, therefor losing lumbar support.

Swivel and spin!

This Particular is furthermore a extremely important function. While you’re working, you may require to extend to other areas of the desk. Should the chair doesn’t swivel, you may possibly have to frequently turn your back to access, this is not great for your back.

What the seat is made from

The chair, armrest and backrest should be cushioned solidly enough to support one, but should really feel soft enough for one to not ever feel pressure points, or the rigidness of the seats frame.

Seating is the most important purchase you will ever make for the office when it comes to ensuring the comfort and fitness of staff and promoting productivity. An average operator chair will travel more than 7 miles in a year's normal use and will be in use 7-8 hours a day, 5 days per week.

Types of chair

Executive / Managers Chairs – Larger Office Chairs, with tilt action movement.

Operator Chairs – The most common chairs with the maximum number of adjustable features. Operator Chairs have adjustments to seat height and most also have back angle adjustment. The best all-round chair.

Ergonomic and 24/7 Chairs – Operator or manager seating with additional lumbar support and/or heavy-duty mechanisms to allow for use over 24 hours.

Multipurpose Chairs – Deskside, visitor, meeting room, conference room and training room use.

Reception Chairs – Chairs especially designed for the reception area.

Industrial and Specialist Chairs – Chairs for the most demanding environments such as warehouses and factories. Also feature specialist chairs such as high rise, anti-static operator and checkout seating.


Chair Adjustments

Office Stationery’s office chairs, those on a central spindle and five star base, have a high quality mechanisms that provide users with a variety of methods of changing the chair to suite the needs of the individual. Generally speaking the higher price of the chair, the better the mechanisms. The more you can personalise a chair the more likley it will be that you achieve a “a perfect fit.”

  • Tilt Action Used on executive office chairs, this movement allows a free-floating rocking movement. It can often be locked in position.

  • Asynchro Tilt This movement allows you to move the seat and back to any position you choose. It is sometimes called and ISB (Independent Seat and Back).

  • Synchro Tilt This function allows the office chairs, seat and back move in sympathy with each other in a 3:1 ratio.

  • Permanent Contact Abbreviated to PCB this means the back “rake” or angle of the backrest can be locked in a variety of positions or left free floating in permanent contact with the user.

  • Seat Slide Provides the seat with the ability to lock off further to or from the backrest. Ideal for those with longer or shorter legs.

  • Multi Lock Mechanism The multi lock mechanism is similar to the lock-tilt mechanism but allows users to lock the chair in any of five positions.

  • Knee Tilt A twin lever mechanism, one lever allows users to adjust the seat height up and down and the other lever can be used to either lock the office chair in any positions. The pivot point is found towards the front of the seat so that users feet remain on the floor when tilting backwards.

  • Back Rake A single lever lets users adjust height up and down or unlock the tilt of the chair. These mechanisms can either be locked in an upright position or left to free float with the user.

Safety Standards

  • Safety Standards - This range now has a fire retardancy standard suitable for all your requirements. All of our seating products are covered with fire retardant fabric and foam tested to British Standard BS7176. This allows them to be used in offices, colleges, schools and hospitals, as well as in the home.

Matching Fabrics

  • Trexus products all have matching fabric. All our other ranges have unique fabrics which will only match exactly with other products from within the same range but are in complementary shades to other ranges within the catalogue. The image to the legft shows how the choice of fabric available for each chair can be seen. This colour/fabric can be selected when adding the product to your basket.

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