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Our range of Franklin covers all the essentials needs that every office has for them, if you can not find the supplies that you are looking for please feel to contact us here at Office Stationery.

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Browse products from Franklin that are no longer part of our available inventory.

  1. GJQ21812JFranklin BES-2100 Speaking Spanish English Dictionary BES-2100

    Contains over 5,000,000 total translations from Merriam Webster Spanish ~ English Dictionary 2003 4,000 example sentences including Business Communication, Travel, Hotels, Eating Out, Shopping 4,800 Spoken phrases Advanced Verb Conjugation shows inflections or changes in a word's tense Phonetic spell correction 4 Grammar guides and Learning Ex - 0-84793-99903-1 rrp £141.66

  2. GJQ24255JFranklin BFQ-575 Larousse French English Bi-Lingual Dictionary BFQ-575

    Thesaurus including 500,000 synonyms and antonyms Complete verb conjugation, conjugating and translating both English and French verbs - I speak = je parle 2000 travel phrases arranged by Topics including Business and personal communication, at a restaurant, in case of emergency and many others French and English grammar guides Phonetic spell corre -

  3. GJQ24248JFranklin Collins DMQ-2110 Speaking Reference Library Including 5 Language European Translator DMQ-2110

    Collins Desktop Plus - Instant access to over 340,000 words and definitions Collins Concise Thesaurus - Find over 250,000 synonyms and antonyms Britannica Concise Encyclopedia - Contains more than 25,000 articles ranging from history to popular culture Collins Discovery Encyclopedia - Thousands of articles containing world facts and figures Pho - 0-84793-10131-1 rrp £83.33

  4. GJQ16720JFranklin Collins DMQ-570 Dictionary with Thesaurus DMQ-570

    Contains over 250,000 words, phrases and definitions from the Collins Paperback Dictionary Find over 500,000 synonyms and antonyms for your word. Eg: type 'exceptional' and find 'striking', 'extraordinary', 'phenomenal' etc Also featured is Classmates - a Franklin developed super Thesaurus that classifies words into groups. For example, Classmate - 0-84793-99767-9 rrp £41.66

  5. GJQ24354JFranklin DBE-1510 Merriam Webster Spanish-English Bi-Lingual Dictionary DBE-1510

    Entries consist of headwords, parts of speech, the translation and/or definitions 2000 conversational phrases including Business Communication, Travel, Hotels, Eating out, Health, Shopping Advanced verb conjugation shows inflections or changes in a word's tense. This product includes extensive inflections of Spanish and English nouns, verbs, modifi -

  6. GJQ22178JFranklin DLM-3002 2 LED Magnifier DLM-3002

    FlexVue patent-pending technology gives you colour corrected focused light for any lighting condition FlexVue light adjustment switch 2 different coloured LEDs by NICHIA give 3 different shades of illumination Aluminium handle Eco-friendly recyclable packaging with eurohook Supplied with protective pouch 88mm main lens with 2.5x magnification -

  7. GJQ22176JFranklin DRP-3000 AnyBook Reader DRP-3000

    The Anybook DRP-3000 has 15 hours of recording and playback capacity Incredibility Versatile, works with every book and any language Familiar voice of the user Supports the attainment of improved reading and writing skills Promotes fun reading and learning Shared experience of books and supports the parent-child relationship Supplied with 200 blank -

  8. GJQ24911JFranklin ET-2105 5 Language European Translator ET-2105

    50,000 words and phrases translating to and from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish Find translations to 5,000 commonly used phrases Spell correction for each language Calculator, metric and currency converter, local and world clock 2 line display Auto shutoff and adjustable contrast -

  9. GJQ24138JFranklin ET-3106 6 Language European Translator and Phrasebook ET-3106

    Instantly translates to and from Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Translates more than 500,000 headwords, phrases, grammatical entries and inflections 6,000 translations of commonly used phrases in 13 categories ranging from emergencies, travel, hotels, shopping, dining, food shopping, health, pleasure, business, time, weather, conv -

  10. GJQ24139JFranklin ET-3115 15 Language Advanced Global Translator ET-3115

    Simply set your source and target language More than 1.6 million entries, 10,000 words per language Includes 18,000 translations of commonly used phrases Phonetic spell correction - just enter words as they sound and let the 15 Language Advanced Global Translator do the rest Games include Hangman and Translation Quiz 3 adjustable font sizes for eas -

  11. GJQ15128JFranklin LWB-1216 Oxford Primary Dictionary and Thesaurus for Key Stage 1 & 2 LWB-1216

    Phonetic spell correction - from 'krokadial' to 'crocodile' in an instant Clear and easy to understand definitions Distinguish sound-a-like words such as 'hear', 'here' using the Franklin Confusablesfeature Learning tools also include Countries and Nationalities Add words to your personal spelling word list Fun graphics and animation Suitable -

  12. GJQ21819JFranklin NIV-570 International Holy Bible NIV-570

    Index of book, chapter, chapter title and verse Built-in organizer with 100-entry databank, local/world clock and calculator 3-line display 2 CR-2032 batteries included -

  13. GJQ25172JFranklin TES-221 Spanish Phrasebook and Translator TES-221

    Access more than 650,000 translations 2,000 frequently used conversational phrases 13 practical quick find menu categories to quickly locate everything from travel to dining to shopping Verb conjugation Calculator, currency converter, local/world clock, stopwatch -

  14. GJQ16718JFranklin TPQ-109 Collins Compact Thesaurus TPQ-109

    Contains over 280,000 synonyms and antonyms Phonetic spell correction for over 180,000 words - type 'nolij' and find 'knowledge' Confusables - Words such as homonyms and spelling variants that are often confused ~ 'here:locally or hear:listen User Word List - save up to 40 words for personal study or review Crossword Solver - enter '?' to find -

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